Creating a unified team and culture across offices in Tokyo and Osaka
Office designers at Frontier Consulting use tonari to improve worker motivation and allow new relationships to flourish

FRONTIER Consulting

Osaka ⇄ Tokyo
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Frontier Consulting Co., Ltd. (FC) was the first customer to introduce tonari and has used it to link its Tokyo headquarters and Osaka branch office since 2020.

Challenges and achievements

  • With Frontier’s expansion, they noticed situations that limited the depth of communications among their employees in different locations as well as the development of their corporate culture.
  • By having a seamlessly connected space, tonari makes it easier to share information and strengthen the sense of unity across locations. It is now possible to have casual conversations and small talk, along with regular face-to-face meetings.

Relationships that grow from casual exchanges and greetings

Team members in Tokyo often greet colleagues in Osaka over tonari like they would if they were in the same office, saying “ittekimasu” (see you later) when heading off to client meetings, or "otsukare-sama" (thank you for your hard work) before leaving the office. Managers in Tokyo have more opportunities to informally speak to the Osaka team and check in with them before meetings.

Build new relationships and increase motivation

Using tonari, it’s possible to build rapport and camaraderie with colleagues who are otherwise distant. The Osaka team values the increased opportunities to casually interact with the management team in Tokyo.

A culture that welcomes new employees wherever they are

Employees feel that it is very meaningful to get to know and connect with new colleagues from other offices through tonari. They are also happy to feel the fresh energy and motivation of new graduates.

I like saying hi to all the new employees. We rarely have new graduates in Osaka so it's refreshing! I can feel the young energy.

Designing an open space where conversations flow naturally

The tonari space was designed as an open area that can be used by everyone within the company, from new employees and interviewees to visitors and senior executives. As the frequency of events and meetings increased, it gradually became a comfortable space where conversations naturally occurred between Tokyo and Osaka. tonari successfully integrated teams and cultures across distances.

Frontier’s tonari (left: Tokyo, right: Osaka)

tonari is installed in the open common space visible from the front of each office. With the concept of an open and comfortable space, versatile office furniture is placed to create a space where casual, impromptu meetings and conversations can take place.

Bringing people closer together

tonari plays a role in bringing the employees of Tokyo and Osaka closer together. According to a survey, 94.1% of respondents from Osaka reported that tonari has been helpful in achieving "one team culture" between the two offices, one year after its implementation.

”When I think about one team or togetherness, I think about familiarity. With tonari, there is constant sound, movement, and a feeling of being in the same space in a very flat way. This sense of unity is not about formal meetings and seminars. It's about being connected and sharing a space with other people.” Hirose-san, Head of Frontier Consulting's West Japan region

About Frontier Consulting

Frontier Consulting is a consulting firm established in 2007 that provides a wide range of services including project and construction management, design, construction, operation support, and real estate brokerage. They have created numerous workspaces in Japan and Asia through their diverse offerings.

About tonari

tonari portals unify remote places, providing natural, energizing, face-to-face communication that actually feels like being in the same room.

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